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 -Yaron's I.Y.S Tours invite you to join them in an unforgettable Holy Land experience
- Get a feel of times past by moving off the highways and into the countryside, combine nature and history for a unique experience.
I.Y.S Tours specialize in the organization of Jeep Tours, we are not only an agent we are the source and thus can provide you with a large selection of the best vehicles available. I.Y.S Tours offer you, all-Terrain Sightseeing by Jeep or Land Rover for groups or individuals. Choose your own pace, add a relaxing stroll, hike, or ramble to your itinerary.

We will be glad to provide all the necessary services; our tours cater to your demands whether it be indoor or outdoor sleeping, traveling or gastronomical arrangements; half day, full day or even several consecutive days we will arrange it all.

Come with us through the desert, into the hills and along the valleys, let us help you to make your visit to the holy sites the most memorable possible.

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